About us

Ekola is a service and production company that has been on the market since 2001. By combining the highest quality of workmanship and modern technology, our company can meet the most sophisticated tastes and expectations of our customers. We specialize in designing and manufacturing kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, libraries, and other custom-made furniture. We offer original custom-made furniture with a unique style, form, and shape. We are also a manufacturer of various types of furniture fronts, both veneered and lacquered. Our new challenge is the production of unique, original wooden sinks. The unique technology of sink production makes them stand out not only for their unique appearance and character, but also for their high durability, resistance, and user comfort.

The Production-Trade-Service Company EKOLA has received financial support from the European Regional Development Fund, Eastern Poland Operational Programme 2014-2020, Priority Axis I: Entrepreneurial Eastern Poland, Action 1.4 "A Formula for Competition", Stage II for the implementation of project no. POPW.01.04.00-06-0005/17-00 entitled "Introduction of an innovative design line of ecological bathroom fittings products to the market".

The main objective of the project is to increase the competitivness and innovativeness of EKOLA on the domestic market. The specific objectives are: diversification of activities and inclusion of previously unproduced products in the plant's offer - a design line consisting of three ecological sinks, increasing the scope of the company's activities, and diversifying its customers.

The implementation of the project results in, among other things:

  • increasing innovation, technological advancement, and competitiveness,
  • increasing the market value of the company,
  • confirming high competencies,
  • acquiring new customers and partners,
  • creating new jobs.

Project value: PLN 1,374,402.00

Project co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund: PLN 747,100.00


Our triple-layer floorboards are made of 100% raw materials from Polish forests. The top layer is made of selected oak wood, and the crosswise arrangement of the layers of wood from which the board is made ensures excellent stability of the floor. Thanks to this construction, our floors can be successfully used with underfloor heating. We are a family company and our priority is the quality of products and individual approach to the customer. We color the floors according to the standard palette, but we also make colors according to the order. The finish is a fully natural, ecological oil that guarantees high durability and resistance to external factors and allows easy renovation if necessary

Completed orders

We have many years of experience in furniture production. Our strength lies in our qualified, experienced, and dedicated team of employees, as well as our modern machinery. Our customers include both individual clients, for whom we design and manufacture custom-made furniture, as well as companies and institutions. We operate both within the country and beyond its borders. We have carried out projects in Sweden, Luxembourg, and Austria, among others.

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How to order

If you are interested in our floors, please contact us by email or phone:

+48 504 239 987
+48 600 984 840


PPHU Ekola Wojciech Pilip
Sitaniec 107
22-400 Zamość

mobile +48 504 053 020
e-mail: ekola.zamowienia@wp.pl

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